Our wildlife reserves in Maasai Mara

Seasoned safari travellers, travel writers, documentary makers and researchers often describe the Maasai Mara as one of their favourite places. So why is that?

Perhaps it is because of the ‘big skies’, the open savannahs, the romance of films like ‘Out of Africa’, and certainly because of the annual wildebeest migration, the density of game, the variety of bird life and the chance of a hot air balloon ride. There are also the tall red-robed Maasai people, whose lifestyle is completely at odds with western practices, from whom one learns to question certain Western values.

What is Gruve 3 Forest?

In summer 2015, Basecamp Spitsbergen got a wonderful opportunity to open a new location in Longyearbyen. Spitsbergen based and Nor...

Using sustainable tourism as a vehicle for creating positive change

On the ground, whether in the Maasai Mara or Spitsbergen, such global challenges are more than academic debates. They are real. ...

Women: The Basecamp Maasai Brand

Our greatest success has been the Basecamp Maasai Brand (BMB), which was established in 2003. The BMB is a community-based handicr...

Youth: Koiyaki Guiding School

As part of our commitment to strengthening local capacity, Basecamp has partnered closely with the Koiyaki Guiding School (KGS) fo...

Biodiversity: Basecamp Tree Plantation and Nursery

The Tree Plantation is located just outside the main entrance to Basecamp Masai Mara. We encourage guests to visit the Tree Nurser...

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